Heart Behind The Sole

10% of all Texi Boot profits go to support a female entrepreneur


A dreamer from a small town in East Texas started with a
vision many years ago to create a boot line that inspired
women. When all odds were against her, she pushed
through and started sketching designs in her living room.
Her passion and motivation progressed from sketching in
journals to purchasing used boots at antique shops and
adding her signature flare. As her dream started growing,
she began looking into manufacturing to have her true
inspiration become a reality. She researched every boot
manufacturer she could find and started sending e-mails
to introduce herself. Two trial runs with separate
manufacturers and she finally met with a company in
Texas she could put her faith in who had enough belief in
her dream to take on her line. Her creativity and
drive to create the perfect sole has birthed a one of a kind
line you won’t want to miss out on!


The vision for the Texi Boot brand was to build a community of women who were brave enough to chase after their dreams. This brand was birthed through a lot of heart, soul, and grit. With the founder’s curiosity behind “Where can your Texi’s take you” she wanted to hear success stories from women who used their courage to fuel their dreams. Texi Boots is about inspiration, passion and a whole lot of sole. It is a belief that authenticity is beautiful and that your life can be a statement piece. It was her desire to see women dance through life with a passion as bold as their sole, fearlessly pursuing what set their heart on fire.