The battle scars of success

Your fairytale will require getting your boots dirty…or at least that is my story. I find myself scrolling through Instagram photos and seeing the edited photo of the girl smiling while sipping her non-fat chai tea latte with her perfectly placed macaroons and tower of pastries. Somedays those images make want to launch a sticky pastry at the side of her contoured face. I want to see the other side of that perfectly manicured life…

Maybe I’m just crazy but those pictures bring up all sorts of questions. Like, do you even eat those macaroons, you weigh 110 pounds? Why do you need 17 pastries when it’s obviously just you at the deserted café in Paris? Do you even work, or are you just traveling around in new outfits as a pastry eating imposter, and do you even have anything in those shopping bags?

Then I started scrolling through my photos and was like, OMG – there I am, sipping my latte and Dear God, there are those macaroons…… and I realized something so powerful…..

Your image is only as powerful as the substance behind the lens

Before you launch a sticky pastry at me, I wanted to give you a transparent peek into my life behind the lens. What it really looks like to launch a brand from scratch. No investors, No degree, No background in manufacturing or design, and a demanding corporate job…..not to mention my non-existent social life…(sorry boys, this woman is on a mission. Unless you’re Tim Tebow – in that case, DM me immediately!)

Everyone wants the appearance of success, but very few are willing to actually work for it

Care less about the appearance, and more about the result

You want the non-manicured reality of chasing a dream? My days start between 4:30-5am. I hit the gym right away (before my brain has time to recognize what I’m doing). I use this time to read (while on elliptical) and listen to a success podcast (while lifting weights). While showering I am speaking positive words over my life, my family, my business and praying over my day. I get out of the shower and I hit play on my podcast again to get ready. Before I have even left for the office I usually have had 2 hours of personal growth time, my work-out is done, my day is organized.

Stress from a corporate job? That word stress alone is an understatement. 12 hour days are the norm. There was a period where I was in 20 states in less than 2 months…twice I’ve worked over 25 days straight without a day off. All of my plants have passed away (R.I.P. Charlie and Petunia). All of this while launching my dream business, a womens conference, moving 4 times, creating new designs, a non-profit, dealing with relationship heartbreak, trying to remember to post on social, business taxes/accounting, photoshoots, oh and I do have a family and enjoy sleep.

Sometimes I feel like I am going crazy, and then I remember it’s the crazy ones that believe in fairytales

And I refuse to settle for anything less than my fairytale

When you see the perfectly manicured pictures…you don’t see the tears, the late nights, the heartbreak, the guilt of not spending enough time with friends and family, the little victories that no one would understand so you celebrate alone and somedays the total defeat of a missed goal. What you are seeing behind the lens is a woman who is willing to go to war for everything she has dreamed in her heart. You don’t know the battle that she was fighting leading up to that moment… the sacrifices she made to get to the point to post a picture that makes her life look all together. And that’s why we love those images, because deep down we wish our life was all together.

But what you see barely touches the surface of the warrior heart that lives behind that smile

Because while others are resting, she is preparing to go to war for everything she has ever dreamed of

The photos are a badge of honor for a battle won behind the scenes

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