Entrepreneurs DO

Entrepreneurs DO, Dreamers just dream

With half of 2018 over, are you where you thought you would be right now?  If not, then this article is for you. I wanted to write it not because I want to share the incredible things I have been able to accomplish in the last 6 months, rather to share what I have realized has kept me from accomplishing my goals.

Do you have goals and dreams or just a loud mouth?

I am guilty of spouting off ideas and dreams in my heart WAY too early.  And if you’re anything like me, with a million new ideas a day you can only imagine why mom rolls her eyes when you tell her of your “new” invention idea.

I’ve come to realize that entrepreneurs aren’t dreamers, they are doers

When was the last time you sat down and looked at your goals and then looked at the week that just passed?  Are you any closer to where you wanted to be or did the week just rush by? Did you even have time scheduled in to move yourself closer to those goals?  It’s time we start doing vs just dreaming. This has been the key for me to inch daily closer to my goals. The Original Pink Sole™ cowgirl boot line was birthed through daily commitment to plan and execute.  Success is where opportunity and preparedness meet.

  • Start Small – Identify 3 things you would like to accomplish this week.  Maybe it’s something as simple as a phone call you need to make, cleaning your house, a project you have been procrastinating, writing that e-mail copy, making that social media post, finishing that book, date night with the husband (Tim Tebow if you’re out there, I’m waiting ha), or maybe it’s just sitting down to get organized with your accounting.
  • Schedule It – If it is not written in my calendar (a specific date and time) it usually does not happen. Ok, it never happens. Before my week starts I look at my schedule for the week and block out specific time and dates for what I need to do.  I’m that girl that even writes in her calendar what time she is going to the gym in the morning and what day she washing her hair. Yes I am talking in third person and yes I hate washing my hair.

The more you commit to paper the more free your mind becomes to create

  • Set a realistic timeframe – I usually dump on a white sheet of paper everything that I need to get done that week.  Including work related, personal, errands, phone calls, blog posts, research, etc. There is no mystery.  Lay it all out there. Don’t hold back any detail. YOU WILL FEEL SO FREE! Then, pull out your calendar and put pen to paper on exactly when you will get it done and how much time it’s going to take you.. If you know it’s going to take you two hours to put a pitch deck together that you need for work, don’t block out 30 minutes and then get stressed you’re behind schedule.

This sounds so amateur, but if you’re not already doing it you are probably behind on your goals

  • Start today – Pull out a clean sheet of paper (or sheets) and start brain dumping everything you know is on your plate for this week.  Then whip out that handy dandy calendar and block out your time. My female founder friends launched ZerModus, and if you’re looking for a tool help you in your entrepreneurial journey I would get one stat.  

You must become a master at protecting your time or you will become a slave to every distraction

Enjoy the freedom that comes from doing that absolute best you can with that day/week/month.  Dreaming big is the start, planning small is the step in the right direction.

Texi Boots, LLC supports female entrepreneurs.  It is our mission to help inspire women to live life with a passion as bold as her sole.  You can learn more by visiting www.thepinksole.com and registering to attend our 2018 Heart and Sole Conference in Dallas, Texas


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