Erecting your Empire

The comparison game sucks, but we all play it.  But what we don’t realize is everyone is holding the cards THEY were dealt and our life isn’t a game of go-fish.  You must learn to win with the cards you are holding.  It is so easy to compare your life or business to someone else and minimize the progress you are making.

 It may not feel like it today, but your positive consistent daily choices are going to compound over time.  Where we give up is in the valley.  It is in the in the stage of laying our foundation that we often lose hope because we cannot visually see the results of our efforts.

Have you ever thought that maybe your journey is taking longer because you are building a foundation that will sustain you for generations?  The height of a skyscraper will determine the depth to which the foundation must be poured.  Your journey is no different.  Some foundations run as deep as 280 feet, that is almost the size of a football field.

It is the grunt work, the hard work, the messy work, the unseen work, the uncreative work, the work that goes unnoticed.  It is that work that will determine how high you grow and how strong you are to withstand the storms.  You are going to encounter storms in business and in life that you know nothing about (right now), but the intentional internal work you do will determine how strong you stand against them.

If negativity gets you down – grow your foundation

If you are starting to get discouraged – grow your foundation

If you feel lost, confused and don’t know where to start – Start with you.  Grow your foundation

If you feel like it is never going to work – grow your foundation

If you find yourself playing the comparison game – grow your foundation


Your business will never outgrow your self-image


 Don’t discount the foundation phase.  I truly believe it is the most important work you will ever do.  Let’s dig deep.


I know my worth, I paid dearly for every ounce of it – Alfa


280 feet deep to withstand the storms.  Are you ready for your next level.  What are you pouring into your foundation?

You must first dig deep.

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