Floss Naked. Change Your Life.

I remember the day I found inspiration from floss stuck between my two front teeth. I was face to face with the mirror diligently cleansing my incisors from the debris of the day when I got a text message. I paused, glanced down at my phone and looked back up to see two foot-long strings dangling like a walrus out of my toothy grin. Please tell me I’m not the only one that pulls out enough floss for the neighborhood? Come to think of it, I do the same thing with toilet paper….hmmmm… I’m sorry mother nature, I’ll be better, I promise.

Back to my inspiration. I was standing there (Naked. Like there’s any other way to floss) and like a three year old I laughed hysterically at my flossy reflection . I was tempted to head into my morning meetings pretending it wasn’t there. Or to walk down the busy street with my floss threads blowing in the wind.

Then, I got curious. I needed to find out if my dangling floss would actually blow in the wind. Since I know all my neighbors I wasn’t prepared for a floss trot outside, so I decided to quench my curiosity right there. I would start on one end of my mirror, sprint to the other side and let the floss fly free.

So I flipped the floss back over each shoulder, and ran like the wind. I bet at this point the fly on the wall was doing a google search to get me admitted. In case you’re curious, to my disappointment, this particular brand of floss did not reach its desired horizontal limits. However, a giant lightbulb idea went off in my head. So, as I stood there catching my breath, staring back at my floss locks, partly wondering how I’m able to live unsupervised and the other part with an incredible idea. The idea turned into a product and the product will launch in the fall.
Hopefully you are getting curious!

When the product goes live, I may or may not reference this blog. I don’t think most find product inspired ideas from sprinting nude in their own bathroom to see if floss will surpass the temporal lobe.

And this is why you should always remain curious. You never know when inspiration will strike, and in what form it will come in. And that’s a fact. The infamous founder of the pet rock sold 5 million “pets” in his first 6 months.

Ever worn Billy-Bob teeth? The founder, Jonah White watched a fellow student try to pick up girls while wearing ugly false teeth. He asked how he made them, they teamed up and sold 15 million units their first few years.

Richard James, was a naval engineer who was known for being clumsy. After he dropped a tension spring and watched how it creeped along the floor, he invented the slinky. To date the slinky has earned more than $250 million.

You never know how inspiration will find you. So follow your curiosities, keep your mind open to attracting new ideas, and train yourself to see the possibilities in every little thing around you.

So if you find yourself doing a nude Olympic sprint only to see if your floss gets air, you might be crazy. Or, you just might find inspiration for your next multi-million dollar idea.

Floss on my friends.

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