Out of Whack?

Have you ever felt out of control?  I have, especially with COVID-19.  In life there is little we we have control over, or so we tell ourselves.  But I realized through all the things we are experiencing for the first time there are aspects of our life that we can control, and they are game-changers.

Although our routines are out of whack, we feel out of whack and probably want to whack someone we have been quarantined with we can regain personal control of our lives.

Now, I am extremely sensitive to those who lost jobs, because financial burden is one of the scariest things, so I hope this blog doesn’t come off as I don’t understand what that’s like, because I do.

I was fired from a corporate job (one that was funding my Texi Boot dream) last year.  And I felt like my world and dream were about to come crashing down.  I found myself spending more time in silence and confusion, kind of like a “what the heck just happened” swift kick to my pants.

But in the silence I started leaning in to what my heart was saying.  And it wasn’t saying anything nice like, “just relax”, “it’s okay to take a break” or anything like that.  It was telling me to get off my butt and do something.  Gee, thanks heart.

But then I started.  Small.  With things I could control.  Here are 5 things that I started to control that created a shift in my thought life and business.

1. Wake up every day and listen to a positive motivational message.

This sounded cheesy at the time.  But I created this habit at 19 and needed a reminder of how valuable this was.  I COULD control what I consumed mentally and instead of consuming what the media wanted, I started consuming positive thought process.  Terri Savelle Foy is a great start if you are looking for a good podcast.

2. Get off your butt.

I needed daily exercise or movement and the best part was, I would listen to my positive podcast while jogging – #twoinone.  Even 30 minutes of walking can shift your brain, and does wonders for the waistline.

3. Pick up a book.

This goes right along with pouring in positive.  But did you know that 85% of millionaires read an average of two books per month.  Now, stop feeling guilty about your Netflix binges, and just commit to 1-2 pages per day, or a chapter a day.  You can do this, and a month from now you will thank yourself for starting.

4. What the heck are you thankful for?

It is so easy to focus on the negative (especially nowadays), but if you can start your day saying “I am thankful for XYZ” you will train your brain to start looking for things to positive about vs negative.  Try it.

5. Stop being so negative

There are two things you can control in this world and it is your attitude and actions.  The Bible says that Life and Death are in the power of the tongue.  That is so true.  Do you find yourself saying negative things like, “I gained an extra 15 pounds because of quarantine snack binges” or “I cant find a job anywhere” or “I am going to snap if my children don’t calm down”.  While, all my be valid comments, try shifting your words to speak positive over yourself and/or start trying to catch yourself being negative and shift the talk right then and there.

There are so many things out of our control, but we can control our thought process and what we think vs allowing everything else around us to control it for us?  How scary to think WHO and WHAT is controlling the way you think?  It should be you.  You got this, let’s get to work!

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