Taking Time by the Horns

As a female dreamer, have you ever felt out of control, of your time?  Do you wake up and the day feels like it’s just smacking you in the face left and right? A fire to put out here, now there, another one over there, and out of nowhere another issue you have to deal with?  I have been there and I had to learn how to take my time by the horns before it clean wiped me out.


Here are 3 simple hacks to get your time back in order.


1. Get a Paper Calendar

I know this sounds old school – it is.  But I have used a paper calendar for 12 years and it has helped me accomplish more in a day then some do in a week.  Does anyone else love checking things off a list?  Well, it is kind of hard to do that electronically, or at least it is not as satisfying as taking a pen to paper and giving it a good old check mark!  I personally use Day Designer which gives me an entire day to plan.  I do not recommend the monthly calendars where you literally can write two things in the box before it is filled up.  It is an investment in a daily calendar, but I have seen quite the return.


2. Plan Your Day Out the Night Before

Every night before I go to bed I run through what I got accomplished that day, and what didn’t get done gets moved into a timeslot for the next morning.  I am the weirdo that even writes down what time I am waking up, what exercises I am doing, what podcast I will listen to while I work out, etc.  Call me crazy, but my crazy produces crazy productive results.  I cannot wait to put a check mark through everything I planned out for the day.  Time blocking helps too.  If you have a project you are working on I will block it out hourly 8am-9am – XYZ, 9-93:0-XYZ.  The daily calendars allow for this, which is why I am such a fan.  Write down everything you want to get done that day with a little empty box next to it.  When you wake up you are taking your day offensively now, vs defensively.  Offensively is a much better way to play.


3. Work the Plan

This is the part where you have to wake up, and commit to do what you have planned.  The phone calls that come in unexpected can wait, the text messages popping up, they can wait until you take a break.  Don’t allow distractions to keep you from executing your plan.  It may seem strict, but you must learn to eliminate distractions that don’t serve your goals.  The call can wait another hour for a call back and your attention will be 100% on that call vs 50% in and 50% stressing about what you’re not doing (but should be).  This is a commitment to be intentional.  I’d rather give 100% of my focus to one thing at a time.  Wake up and work the plan you’ve created for yourself and you and your future goals will thank you.


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