Founded on a Dream

When founder of Texi Boots, Michelle Manningham launched her cowgirl boot line in 2017 she had a vision to help support female entrepreneurs. In founding her own business with no manufacturing background or experience, she spent many nights alone, turning to google for answers and some days encouragement.

Searching for knowledge through podcasts, CDs, books she eventually found her way and her dream business became a reality and now her brand, Texi Boots – The Original Pink Sole™ cowgirl boot line. The brand will be donating a portion of their profits every year to a female entrepreneur with the goal of helping 10 female entrepreneurs launch their own business in the next 10 years.

As she began to dream of how she would present the check to the deserving dreamer, her vision birthed The Heart and Sole Conference. The first annual conference will be held in Dallas, Texas and it is attracting female dreamers and aspiring entrepreneurs from all of the country. It is the place innovators, inventors, designers and women who have dreamt of starting her own business can learn from the most dynamic entrepreneurs in the country.

The Heart and Sole Conference is built upon identifying “what is the heart” behind your dream, what is the deep internal motivation that will keep you going when you feel lost. Sole represents the equipping of action steps required to bring the dream to life. It is a community of women that empower, encourage and uplift one another to dance through life with a passion as bold as their sole.

Some of the speakers include TedX Speaker, Undercover boss contestant and Founder of Gigis cupcakes, Forbes 30 under 30 female entrepreneur, Miss Texas USA, Tech Start-up founder, author of 10 best-selling books and three women who have launched product based businesses in their twenties that are now multi-million dollar global businesses.

Ladies that attend will get to hear from peers in the hunt for their dreams and what they are doing daily to get closer to their “dream business” moving from a dream to a multi-million dollar reality.

Raw, authentic and no holding back. This isn’t your mother’s rah-rah motivational seminar. Join us.

More details can be found and tickets can be purchased at:

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