It Pays to be Queen…

You may not always feel like a queen, but that is when you need to dig in your boots the most.  If you can remained disciplined in your habits and personal growth behind closed doors, it is only a matter of time before the crown jewel (your dreams) start coming true.  

I recently read about this flower that resembles a dead bush for 364 days before it blooms.  But then one night it blossoms into 8 inches of a fragrant white cactus floral that is referenced as “The Queen of the Night”.

I giggled to myself at what a sense of humor God has, as I had never felt like I had resonated with a succulent more in my life than in that moment.  But I couldn’t help but think about it further.

For 364 days the dead bush was disregarded, unnoticed, unwanted and quite certainly overlooked.  But what the average eye couldn’t see is that within that dead bush there was a cultivation happening.  A nurturing. A fertilization. A transformation only felt by her.

And then, just like that she blossoms.  The world sees her blossom, but they were never a witness to the process.  Don’t neglect your process. It is within the process that you transform from within, and it is within the discipline of that process that the world will one day be a witness to your beauty.  

When there are no likes, comments, shares and you feel stuck.  Don’t front, instead fertilize.

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