This is What is Takes…

Their belief doesn’t impact your calling, unless you allow it. Discovering what you are made of often requires playing for a crowd of one.

It requires going out into the arena and running your heart out, and looking up and seeing empty stands (but that you know will one day be filled with thousands, so you do a victory lap anyway).

It requires reading that extra 15 minutes when no one else is watching (because you know one day that knowledge will impact thousands).

It requires learning to play hurt (broken hearts hurt the same as broken limbs, it’s just a battle no one can see you are fighting). But one day that wisdom playing hurt will help someone win a war.

It requires that one extra mile, one extra shot, just one more practice run, that one more hour, that one percent that most won’t do. And one day, you will look up and realize that you did what most wont. And now will live a life most wont.

But they’ll want that life. But what they really want is the result of the work they have not yet committed to do. And until that desire arises from within them, the teacher will remain buried beneath the excuses they vomit from their comfortable pit of mediocrity.

Is it going to take work? Yes.If it was easy, nobody would want it.

We don’t want easy, but we do want results.  The Original Pink Sole™ supports female founders who are out there playing for a crowd of one.  Because as the founder of Texi Boots, I played for a crowd of one for many years and honestly many days still am.  It is in the cars, arenas, offices, homes, coffee-shops,  that dreamers are born and it is one of my passions to help keep those dreams within every Texi Girl alive.  I want women to pursue their life with a passion as bold as their “sole”.

Now that I am cheering you on, you will forever be playing for at least a crowd of two.

Let’s get to work!


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